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Pictures are the key to selling your home

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. This is particularly true when selling your property.
Unfortunately photos are sometimes the worst portion of many seller’s listing.
Just check out some properties in Trulia, Zillow, or to see what I mean. You will see unmade beds, kitchen sinks full of dirty dishes, bathroom vanities piled with toiletries, and in some cases, the listing Agent’s picture in the bathroom mirror.
If your property is described as “immaculate, stunning, or move in ready”, you don’t want your pictures to portray a home that needs a waste management company. These contradictions might provide for a good laugh, but do you really want potential buyers laughing at your property?
When listing your property, it is fine to get the paperwork done while the Realtor® is there, but don’t allow the Realtor® to take pictures, unless your home is picture perfect. Better to have the agent come back when your home is ready.
The first picture to be taken will be the front of your home, so you need to be sure that bushes are trimmed and gardens mulched. An often overlooked detail is the driveway and sidewalk. Nothing is worse than a nice home, with black driveways and sidewalks. A power washer will be your best friend.
Another consideration is the sun. The front picture of your home should be taken when the sun is shining on it. This is often the first picture that potential buyers see, so make sure it shows your property shows its’s best.
You should also avoid cloudy days for all exterior pictures. This is the “Sunshine State”, so you don’t want exterior pictures to look like they were taken on a dreary winter day, in some cold northern state.
When your Realtor® comes back to take interior pictures, have your property ready. The kitchen should be clutter free, with basically nothing on the counter or in the sink.
The same thing is true of your bathrooms. Clear the vanities, fold any hanging towels, and put the toilet seat lid down.
The other rooms should also be neat. Bedrooms should have clutter free nightstands and dressers. Beds should be neatly made, with no dog or cat laying on them.
Your dining room or dinette tables should be clean, with perhaps the exception of an attractive center piece. The same thing applies to the living room, family room, and great rooms. Be sure to take the moose head off the wall also.
Once your Realtor® has taken the pictures, review them while your Realtor® is still there. Remove or retake any bad pictures. Once your property goes “live” in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Internet, you want it to be as perfect as possible.
Ask your Realtor® to email your your listing, as it appears in the MLS. Check not only the picture, but all of the other details. You want all information to be accurate, including spelling.