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Is the #1 Real Estate Firm or Agent really #1?

“How can numerous real estate firms and Agents all claim to be #1”?
That was the question posed to me by a Seller at a listing appointment. She then showed me the numerous advertisements in a Home Section. I must admit, I can see where a consumer would be confused.
Although I was tempted to use the clique’ that “Figures lie and liars figure”, it is not quite that simple. Or maybe it is.
In short, declaring yourself to be #1 often depends upon where you are getting your figures from. Just as a small fish can claim to be the biggest fish, if the pond is small enough, a real estate firm or Agent can claim to be #1 if they limit themselves to certain geographical areas or data sources.
For instance, if I use data from Beaches Multiple Listing Service (MLS), I can claim to be a top Agent in Martin, St. Lucie, Palm Beach and Broward counties, as my sales so far for 2016 are over $30 million! However, if I use data from the Realtor Association of Martin County MLS, I would rank near the bottom.
That is because most of my listings go into the 20,000 member Beaches MLS, instead of the 900 member Realtor Association of Martin County MLS. I want my listings to sell, so I put them in the MLS that gives my Seller the most exposure.
I advised my Seller to just disregard the numerous claims of being #1, and instead choose the Agent or firm that they felt most comfortable with. In the long run, an Agent or firm that provides you with communication, service, and good results, is what you want.
That small fish in a small pond, is only the #1 fish, until a 5 pound bass swims over from the larger pond next door, and then eats it.